JASON, CASPER & JASPER are our FURRY FRIENDS of the WEEK! (6/4/18)

JASON, CASPER & JASPER are our FURRY FRIENDS of the WEEK! (6/4/18)


Adopt them today at the RISPCA!

Just look at that smile and try to say “No”. This is Jason and he’s hoping to be off to his forever home soon! He’s a 7-year-old Chihuahua guy with such a nice great personality. He’s a typical chihuahua so it might6 take a little bit for him to trust but once you’re in, you’re in! (as you can see from the pictures) He’s a sweet and sociable dog that might like to live with some other dogs (we don’t know about cats though) and he’d do just fine with older kids (10+).

Casper and Jasper of best of friends and joined at the hip. They are both males, both only 1-year-old and came into the RISPCA together. They’d REALLY love to keep them that way because they are just made for one other. The only cats they enjoy the company of are each other so we’d need them to go to a home without other cats. Other than that, they’ll waive one of their adoption fees and you’ll get both of them for the price of one if you are willing to keep them together!

FURRY FRIENDS of the WEEK is sponsored by Le’s Isle Rose.

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