Meet Snoopy & Sophie – our latest FURRY FRIENDS of the WEEK (2/11/19)

Meet Snoopy & Sophie – our latest FURRY FRIENDS of the WEEK (2/11/19)

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A classic name for a classic dog! Snoopy was seized as a result of a cruelty investigation in the City of Pawtucket. According to eyewitnesses, Snoopy was seen being cruelly treated and then thrown off the front porch of a residence, resulting in an injury to one of his legs. Once Snoopy was seized, he was immediately transported to a veterinary facility to address his injury. Snoopy’s alleged abuser was taken into custody and his case is currently being adjudicated in the court system. Luckily, he doesn’t have any lingering issues and he’s set and ready for his new home. He seems like he’s an outdoorsy kind of dog to us because he likes his walks and does a good job on his leash. Snoop loves his butt scratches too but can be a tiny bit pushy and bark when he wants attention (he’s working on that). He loves to play and loves his treat so we think he’d be great for a family with children 12+ and we really don’t know about other cats and dogs with him in a home so if you have a dog, we’d definitely have them meet first!

Sophie is an 8-year-old female who is Quiet, Playful, Affectionate and Independent! From the RISPCA: Did you know the Ancient Egyptians use to worship cats? Look at my beautiful face and you will totally understand why. I’m a sweet, middle-aged princess that loves to lounge around in soft snuggly places. I used to live with a bunch of other cats, so I’d be fine sharing a home with another one as long as I have some space to myself. I haven’t really been around dogs or children though, so I’d do better in a feline-friendly home with ages 10 and up.



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