Heather & Steve Olympics

Join Lite Rock 105’s “Heather & Steve” every Tuesday morning for the “Heather and Steve Olympics!”

Each week, Heather and Steve take opposing sides on a particular topic and ask listeners to vote for TEAM HEATHER or TEAM STEVE!

Olympics schedule:
7:25 am: Debate is revealed
7:30 – 9:40 am: Votes are cast by YOU via the Lite Lines (401-272-LITE/5483) or on our Facebook page
9:45 am: The weekly winner is revealed

2019 Olympics

11/26/19Do you eat leftover turkey?SteveYes
11/19/19Will you see Frozen 2?HeatherYes
11/12/19Lite Rock 105 may, for the first time ever, reveal when the flip to “All Christmas music” will happen. Would you like to know when it’s going to happen?SteveYes
11/5/19At night, is your bedroom door open or shut? HeatherOpen
10/29/19Do you ever eat stale food on purpose?SteveNo
10/22/19The new STAR WARS trailer debuted last night. Are you excited?SteveNo
10/15/19Do you like tuna fish? HeatherYes
10/8/19When you see a baby, do you immediately feel like you need to hold that baby? SteveYes
10/1/19Are you forgetful?Steve Yes
9/24/19Would you ever travel to another city to see your favorite sports team play? SteveYes
9/17/19Do you love watching The Office?HeatherNo
9/3/19Do you love hammocks? SteveLove ’em!
8/27/19Who’s a bigger deal? Jennifer Aniston or Julia Roberts SteveJulia
8/20/19Do you regularly make tacos at home? HeatherYes
8/13/19Karaoke! Love it or Leave it!?SteveLove it!
7/30/19Is it bad luck if you don’t have birthday cake on your birthday?Heather No
7/23/19Is PBJ the best sandwich?!SteveYes
7/16/19Soft Pretzels vs. Hard PretzelsHeather Soft
7/9/19Man Bun?StephenNo
6/18/19Do you shop at Amazon?HeatherYes
6/11/19Watching Game 7 of the Bruins?HeatherYes
6/4/19Fondue or Fondon’t?StephenNo
5/28/19Hot Dogs – Yes or No?HeatherYes
5/21/19Do you use Reusable Bags?StephenYes
5/14/19Do you love Rabbits in the yard?StephenYes
5/7/19Celtics or BruinsHeatherBruins
4/30/19Would you submit your DNA for a geneology test?HeatherYes
4/23/19You’re home alone in the bathroom. Door open?HeatherYes
4/16/19Which part of the Chocolate Bunny do you eat first?StephenEars
4/9/19Senior Prom memories: Good or bad?StephenGreat!
4/2/19Do you like avocados? HeatherYes
3/26/19Chocolate vs Peanut ButterSteveChocolate
3/19/19Sauce or Butter on Pasta?steveSauce
3/12/19Heat up chicken in the microwave?SteveYes
3/5/19Do you Skype/FaceTime?SteveNo
2/26/19Do you care which gender your masseuse is?HeatherNo
2/19/19How do you feel about “Seinfeld”?EmilyHates
2/12/19Doing something for Valentine’s Day?SteveYes
2/5/19Do you buy Championship Gear?SteveYes
1/29/19Would you shower at work?HeatherNo
1/22/19Has the cold started you talking about moving?SteveNo
1/15/19Sick Day!xxxxxx
1/8/19Christmas Lights up all year?SteveNo
1/1/19New Year’sxxxXXX


  • Date Question Winner Answer
    12/18/18 Do you give the boss a Christmas gift? Heather Yes
    12/11/18 Christmas Tree: Real or Fake? Steve Fake
    12/4/18 Would you tell your mother to put her phone away? Heather Yes
    11/27/18 What’s more fun – hosting a party or attending? Steve Attending
    11/20/18 Stuffing: StoveTop or homemade? Steve Homemade
    11/13/18 Any Magazines coming to the house? Heather No
    11/6/18 Papa Gino’s Closing! How do you feel? Steve Sad
    10/30/18 Can you be too old to trick or treat? Heather No
    10/23/18 Potato Chip? Tortilla Chip? Heather Potato
    10/16/18 Candy Apples? Heather Yes
    10/9/18 Best meal of the day? Emily Breakfast
    10/2/18 Who’s fired up for the Red Sox? Steve Sure am!
    9/25/18 Do you wipe down public things to avoid germs? Steve No
    9/18/18 Which is easier: eating right or exercising? Heather Eating Right
    9/11/18 Do you like vanity plates? Heather Yes
    9/4/18 Do you break spaghetti when you cook it? Steve Yes
    8/28/18 Do you like jogging? Steve No
    8/21/18 How do you pronounce “Fudgicle”? Heather Fudge-ickle
    8/14/18 Do you like pretend holidays? Steve No
    8/7/18 Do you like to eat in bed? Jason No
    7/31/18 Do you like replacement rubber wedding bands? Heather Yes
    7/24/18 How do you eat your bagel? Heather Rip pieces off
    7/17/18 Do you have piles of mail lying around the house? Heather No
    7/10/18 Ice cream or Italian ices? Steve Ice Cream
    7/3/18 Cornhole or Kan-Jam? Steve Cornhole
    6/26/18 Do you like pickles? Heather Yes
    6/19/18 Being uninvited to a party: is that good or bad? Heather Bad
    6/12/18 Do you need a snooze bar? Heather Yes
    6/5/18 Do you like to eat clams? Heather Yes
    5/29/18 Is there Star Wars fatigue? Too much Star Wars? Steve Yes
    5/22/18 Do you have exercise equipment in your house? Heather Yes
    5/15/18 Are you watching the royal wedding? Steve No
    5/8/18 Toothpaste or tooth gel? Heather Paste
    5/1/18 Do you sing in the shower? Heather No
    4/24/18 Would you rather text or call? Steve Call
    4/17/18 Vacation pictures of someone’s feet online? Steve No
    4/10/18 Are you putting your winter gear away? Heather No
    4/3/18 How do you feel about helicopters? Steve Love
    3/27/18 Do you like Uber? Steve Yes
    3/20/18 Would you happier without facebook? Heather No
    3/13/18 Canceled due to the snowstorm xxx xxx
    3/6/18 Was it okay for Steve to leave Alissa in the hospital? Heather No
    2/27/18 Who gets up when someone snores? Steve Snores
    2/20/18 When was TV better? Steve Back in the day
    2/13/18 Better to break up before or after Valentine’s Day? Heather Before
    2/6/18 Are you fired up for the Winter Olympics? Steve No
    1/30/18 Would you bring a stranger from the diner back to your home for repair work? Heather No
    1/23/18 How do you feel about James Bond? Heather Not fired up
    1/16/18 How do you feel about Pawternity Leave? Steve Hate it
    1/9/18 President Oprah? Steve No, thanks
    1/2/18 2017 – Good year? Heather No

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