Heather & Steve, Dan Abrams and LIVE PD >> spotlight on Warwick RI!

Heather & Steve spoke with Dan Abrams, Host of “Live PD”…

Starting today the A&E Network show “Live PD” will be filming with the Warwick Police Department. “Live PD,” produced by Big Fish Entertainment, showcases various police departments from around the country in real time as they conduct their patrol operations showing what a police officer might encounter during a typical Friday and Saturday night. The Warwick Police will have a film/production crew from the show with them while out on patrol for the next few weeks. This will provide the community and viewing public a closer look at our day to day operations. The men and women of the Warwick Police Department are looking forward to showing off their dedication, hard work, and commitment of service to the city. The Warwick Police Department is the first agency in Rhode Island that will be featured on “Live PD”. The show airs on Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm – 12am ET. (From the Warwick PD Facebook page)

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