The Ghost Picture We Just Can’t Forget

The Ghost Picture We Just Can’t Forget

by Heather Gersten

Back in 2009, I was working at Lite Rock 105 when a co-worker told me about this crazy picture her babysitter, Kasey, had captured on her flip phone. The picture was one of several pictures she took of her then 22-month-old niece, Penny. Turns out one picture of Penny stood out because it appeared that someone, an older woman, was behind Penny at the time the picture was taken. Thing is… no one was home with Kasey and Penny at the time AND Kasey had never seen that woman before.

She brought it to our attention, we talked about it on the air and shared it with our listeners and before you knew it, it went viral. This was many years ago, before we were using Facebook or any other social media platforms.

Eerily, when we brought Kasey on the air with us to talk about the photo, she then told us that her phone would no longer work. Also, while she was on the radio with us, some of our equipment stopped working. It was wild. To this day, I have never forgotten about the photo.

I remember speaking with Jason Hawes of GHOST HUNTERS about this photo and since Jason is here, on Lite Rock 105, this week (filling in for Steve) we decided to share the photos with you again.

While Penny never did meet her Great-Grandmother before, the pictures Kasey found show the woman in the photo might be her. The GG passed away in 1990. This photo was taken in 2009.

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