Turbo and Casper – FURRY FRIENDS of the WEEK! (10/8/18)

Meet Turbo and Casper, our FURRY FRIENDS of the WEEK!

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5-year-old male
Been with the RISPCA since June
Traits: Quiet, lazy, nervous, shy
Don’t let the name fool you, my days of racing around everywhere are long past. I’ve been here a few months now looking for my forever home. I just can’t seem to get used to the sights and smells of a shelter, so I don’t look as cuddly as some of the other guys here. But once I warm up to you, I will rub my whole body against you and pull you in for headbutts. I’m not the most active guy in the world, I prefer to just hang out in nice sunny spots doing my own thing, so a household with no children would suit me best. So if you’re looking for a couch potato to watch the game or your favorite TV shows with, can I come crash with you?
We can’t begin to even imagine what it feels like to wait everyday, to wake up and wonder if someone is coming for you. Well, Casper has been with us as a boarder for quite some time when his mom realized she could no longer properly care for him. Despite shelter life, he still maintains his happy-go-lucky personality and happily displays his fabulous smile for all to see. He’s 5.5 yrs old, loves to go on leash walks and can happily entertain himself with his toys, especially big plastic balls! He’s a big goober who will be the perfect addition for the right person or family.

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