Our FURRY FRIENDS of the WEEK: 2 Cats! Felix & Floyd! (3/12/19)

Adopt them today at the RISPCA!

Felix: A 2-year-old Male  Traits: Friendly, Affectionate, Playful, Adventurous

“I’m just a chubby chunk of love that wants all the butt scratches in the world! I could spend all day long next to a warm cuddly human watching the birds fly around outside. Just don’t try to eat a meal next to me without sharing! I’m not incredibly active, but I like just walking around and exploring. Ideally, I would like a human who played with me so that I can slim back down to my fighting weight. I’ve lived with many cats in the past and got along just fine with them. I haven’t lived with dogs, but I would be willing to give it a shot as long as we had a proper introduction. I warm up very quickly, so I would do well in an all-ages home, as long as the little ones are taught not to pull my tail!”

Floyd: An 8-year-old male Traits: Friendly, Affectionate, Lap Cat, Quiet

“I’m a very simple boy. All I want is a nice snuggly human to be next to all the time. And tuna treats. And fluffy beds. Well, maybe I’m not so simple! I’m Floyd, and I’m a handsome middle-aged easy going little gentleman. I have lived with other cats before, but I have a big personality, so if you have a resident furry friend a proper introduction is a must! I can be a little shy at first, but you will always know where I am because you will be able to hear me purr from the next room over. I’m not really into playing with toys, my favorite thing is just to be close to you. I am startled by new things and loud noises so I would do better in a home with little to moderate activity.”


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