Lite Rock 105’s Emily Boldon Named “One of Radio’s Most Influential”

Emily Boldon – Program Director, WWLI – Lite Rock 105


Lite Rock 105 personality and Program Director Emily Boldon (who also holds corporate responsibilities with Cumulus Media) was recently named to the prestigious “2019 Radio Ink Most Influential Women in Radio List.”

Emily Boldon tells Radio Ink she loves radio because radio is the single medium that can provide both live and local personalities and music discovery in the same place. “And audiences nationwide still love radio, too!” she says. A recent survey by Edison Research says that radio’s ability to connect listeners with new music, both local and global, and the added benefit of going mobile are the main driving factors for why audiences keep coming back for more.”

Boldon’s advice to anyone starting out in the business: “Be willing to do whatever it takes to get a foot in the door. I know a very successful market manager who got his start as the station’s mascot at events. One of our best PDs started as an intern 20 years ago. Take that chance!

Join the street team. Work the events no one else wants to. Be indispensable. Get noticed.”

“Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. I am 100 percent in support of being your own person, but if you show up unkempt in sweatpants, I’m not inclined to take you seriously. Once you have the job you want, be humble. Be kind. Admit your mistakes. Take time to mentor. When something ‘below’ your pay grade’ needs doing, get it done!”

Boldon believes the workplace environment has gotten better for women over the past year. “Especially at Cumulus media,” she says. “Our CEO Mary Berner, takes a strong stand against harassment and discrimination of any kind. Since she became our CEO, our company now has mandatory training for all managers on harassment and workplace protocol. Finding strong, smart, and savvy female PDs and bringing them into Cumulus is a personal goal of mine. We have a good start – Leslie Whittle at KRBE in Houston, Laura St. James at WXLO in Worcester, Amber Lee at KMAJ in Topeka – three incredible and successful examples!”

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