Meet Pumpkin Spice and Sylvia! Our FURRY FRIENDS of the WEEK! (3/2/20)

Meet Pumpkin Spice and Sylvia! Our FURRY FRIENDS of the WEEK!

Adopt them today at the RISPCA!

Sylvia ~ 4-year-old Hound Mix spayed female

If gentle, sweet dogs with a non-stop tail wag is your cup of tea, then we have a dog for you…A lover of snuggles and warm laps, this girl is such a love bug. She’ll be happiest by your side and up for anything, just as long as it’s with you. Since she can be a little on the shy side, the best fit will be in a moderately active home with adults or families with teens. She may also do well with another confident dog who isn’t too pushy. A big brother or sister who she could learn from, play endlessly with and then end the day with a snuggle sounds perfect. Sylvia is the whole package, loving, sweet, smart and fun. Come meet her, before you even say hello, she’ll win you over.

Pumpkin Spice ~ 4-year-old Domestic Shorthair spayed female

Are you that particular type of cat person who absolutely thrives on taking on and saving cats that “need it the most”? Then keep on reading, this is the feline for you. Pumpkin is not typical and needs a companion who will accept her for how she is, quirks and all. Pumpkin suffers from anxiety. Not unusual in this day and age for humans and animals, and thankfully, it’s now something that we talk about openly. Our amazing cat team has been working with her for a few months now and came to the realization that she does amazingly well on a specific type of medication. Her true self comes alive and is lovely when she is properly balanced. There’s a possibility that she could be weaned off slowly but we want her person to be prepared that she may need to stay on it for all nine of her lives. Pumpkin is such a smart gal and has been learning behaviors through clicker training and targeting. She can be affectionate on her own terms and for that reason a home with adults or a family with teens and no other pets would be the best fit for her. We truly believe there is someone for everyone and that includes our perfectly imperfect Pumpkin Spice. We celebrate uniqueness and individuality and know that there’s someone out there that will appreciate her for all she is too.

If you’re interested in adopting a new friend, visit us 7 days a week at 186 Amaral St., in Riverside or contact us at or 401.438.8150.

Lite Rock 105’s FURRY FRIENDS of the WEEK is sponsored by Big River Veterinary Service, the best care possible for your pets in Rhode Island! They also do stem cell therapy, state of the art Cat scans and orthopedics… for pets!

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