RING THE BELLS with Lite Rock 105!

RING THE BELLS with Lite Rock 105!

A festive bell-ringing event originally organized to take place only in one Scottish town has gone viral. Lauren Sinclair created a Facebook page last month with the goal of spreading cheer and ‘keeping Christmas alive’ by encouraging her community to stand on their doorsteps ringing bells at 6pm on Christmas Eve. Within 24 hours, the page had hit the 20,000 mark and shows no signs of slowing down. Lauren said “Covid took a lot from a lot of people this year, and we’re trying to basically show the virus that it’s not winning. We are going to win this fight!”

Here in Southern New England, we here at Lite Rock 105 are encouraging you to do the same…

So at 6pm on Christmas Eve >> turn up Lite Rock 105, open your door and jingle those bells for two minutes to spread Christmas Cheer!

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